22: A Love Letter to Betrayers – Discomfort (Part 2)

Apparently, among other things, lying, cheating, and carrying secrets feels like food poisoning.

21: A Love Letter to Betrayers – Discomfort (Part 1)

When I spend resources trying to avoid the painful moment I am imagining, I will never know how to respond to the actual experience. Everything becomes a story about a fix to a broken fix to another useless hole. These responses to my discomfort only create a new narrative of pain for myself and others. I avoid living in an impermanent moment out of fear.

27: Wayne’s World

Now I live in the new moment, each just as fragile and impermanent.

26: It’s Just a Feeling

Thoughts are just thoughts, feelings are just feelings. Those uncomfortable experiences aren't directives to act. They aren't even real.

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