146: Thoughts on The Marriage of the Princess and the Dragon

I long for the chance to show C what is under the armor. I long for the chance to explore what C and I could create together...but that life is dead.

140: Parable of the Prickly Porcupine

I realize now my anger and defensiveness were about armoring my heart. I cannot get to where I want to go when weighed down by my anger's armor.

126: Grrr…

126: Grrr... The pain will never go away. I will only find perspective for the pain. It is a part of me now. To hate the pain is to hate myself; to love myself is to love my pain.

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency

118: Thoughts on Forgiveness and Clemency I realize, like so much, I have been approaching this wrong: I've been seeking forgiveness from C, that is selfish. Is it any wonder C is still pissed?

101.4: Unringing the Bell (Part 4 of 5)

101.4: Unringing the Bell (4 of 5) - Some House Cleaning

I've learned everyone has their own Uglies. Hurt people hurt people and you never really know how people will respond to hurt until they are hurt.

Some run, others fight.

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