17: Broken Promises

My vow was simple: I'll take any slings and arrows. I promise I'll be there. We are partners and I'll always share everything I have with you. I'll protect you and keep you safe. My vow came with a white horse and silver bullets for every problem.

127: Monkeys in the Middle

127: Monkeys in the Middle I've gone to lengths not to put people in the middle of my situation. I don't want anyone else to carry my water.

119: And so it goes

119: And so it goes "How often we murder parts of ourselves by not letting things advance or come close. How often we let fear rule our emotional lives. How often we kill or chase away everything that moves." - @MarkNepo

106: The Mighty

106: The Mighty "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."  I often wonder what keeps relationships going when, on the surface, it seems like there is so much going against them.

09: The Hot Mess Club

Stop thinking you deserve to be hurt by her. Stop seeking out the abuse and pain.

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