130: Thoughts on How We Are Confusing Self-Love with Narcissism by Jenn Beach (Reblog)

Only 1% of the population are narcissists according to the best research...but there are a lot of myths perpetuated by angry people angry at other people for hurt feelings. You'd never know that reading Social Media.

101.1: Unringing the Bell (Part 1 of 5)

101: Unringing the Bell (1 of 5) - No excuse There is not a way back after the first act. I cannot unring the bell no matter how many lies I tell or secrets I keep about my betrayal. And I had many of both.

34: You Asked, I'll Try to Answer

"We do not see things as they are," wrote Anaïs Nin, "we see them as we are.” And so it is when contemplating and discussing my infidelity and betrayal with those closest to me.

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