33: Kittens in Boxes

I've come to recognize through mediation, writing, friendships, and therapy, we all have a box of our own making. A box we all willing climbed in. My box was my infidelity, secret-keeping, and the escalating series of lies. 

21: A Love Letter to Betrayers – Discomfort (Part 1)

When I spend resources trying to avoid the painful moment I am imagining, I will never know how to respond to the actual experience. Everything becomes a story about a fix to a broken fix to another useless hole. These responses to my discomfort only create a new narrative of pain for myself and others. I avoid living in an impermanent moment out of fear.

20: A Love Letter to Betrayers – Court

Your mistakes do not make you unworthy of legal protections.

32: Languages of Love

Love is not enough.Dr. Stan Tatkin Today I met a woman at the hospital that speaks seven languages.  Her husband speaks one. She told me her verbal gymnastics irritates her husband when she mumbles under her breath in multiple languages. When emotionally charged, she will often weave English, French, Yiddish, German, and Russian into a... Continue Reading →

31: Swimming Beyond the Breakers

I had hoped someone would love me enough to see me while knowing my struggles were never about them. My hope contained both a selfish expectation and deep longing.

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