14: K

My marriage to K was a wonderful, meaningful relationship too. I never regretted marrying K but I have all too often regretted not making the most of it.

The question becomes then, “Why don’t you go back to your ex-wife?”

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10: Vulnerability

What a horrible expectation I place on another person, making them responsible for my safety. When they fail, and across a lifetime they will fail, I punish them for my expectations.

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09: A Rounding Error

I’m fiercely proud of my history with C. I loved her well but not perfectly. I know my betrayal et al caused suffering for her and our family. However, the dates matter to me simply because every day with C meant something important to my life.

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07: Boundaries

I keep stepping on ©’s boundaries. Sometimes I step over them, and a few times I work the loophole. It’s manipulative as fuck.

It’s been in a blind spot and now that I see it I am responsible to change it.

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