50: Stories of Blame

Painter sat at the defendants table and announced with absolute certainty, "This is all your fault." And I wonder, "Which part is my fault?"

Thoughts on Mark Nepo’s Being Sad

How quick we are to believe the worst about people we don't actually know because we want to believe the best about the people we love.

Thoughts on Excuse Making vs Understanding by Lisa Arends

I have, on more than one occasion over the last 15 months found myself voluntarily leaning into pointless discussions with ill-informed people over issues of my identity, my life with my xp, and the decisions I was making before and after the discovery.

17: Broken Promises

My vow was simple: I'll take any slings and arrows. I promise I'll be there. We are partners and I'll always share everything I have with you. I'll protect you and keep you safe.

My vow came with a white horse and silver bullets for every problem.

133: Sounding Advice

133: Sounding Advice

"You still have C on a pedestal" and other friendly insight.

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