101.4: Unringing the Bell (Part 4 of 5)

101.4: Unringing the Bell (4 of 5) - Some House Cleaning

I've learned everyone has their own Uglies. Hurt people hurt people and you never really know how people will respond to hurt until they are hurt.

Some run, others fight.

101.1: Unringing the Bell (Part 1 of 5)

101: Unringing the Bell (1 of 5) - No excuse

There is not a way back after the first act. I cannot unring the bell no matter how many lies I tell or secrets I keep about my betrayal.

And I had many of both.

95: The Possibilities

95: The Possibilities

I want things kept simple right now. The possibilities are fun to toss about but the reality is I'm in no rush...but it's a pleasant thought. It's nice to be reminded there are other possibilities.

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