137.01 Remember

137.01 Remember Seven years in a few seconds. She laughed. She smiled. She loved me. I loved her. What did she love about me? I brought this out in her?

136: Forgotten

136: Forgotten I've spent much time and energy focused on my Ugly and working through my pain and loss. As such, I've stopped examining what was beautiful and good. It has created a myopic and unbalanced perspective on Our lives.

119: And so it goes

119: And so it goes "How often we murder parts of ourselves by not letting things advance or come close. How often we let fear rule our emotional lives. How often we kill or chase away everything that moves." - @MarkNepo

117: This and That

117: This and That C brings the same depth of passion to hate you and resent you as she brought to love you and care for you. You did this to her heart. She didn't do this to you...but today you both are choosing which wolf to feed.

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