Faith by Friday’s Guest Writer (05)

Faith by Friday's Guest Writer (05) I am in the early stages of a new relationship. It is interesting, at this age, starting over. So much damage, so many hurts playing out all over again – just new players.

Holding Back by Fridays Guest Writer (04)

Holding Back by Fridays Guest Writer (04) Did my affair happen because of loneliness or fate? Maybe due to love of sex or to my lack of sex. I’m not sure which drove me to cheat; but to this day, I still cheat and have no regrets.

Friday’s Guest Writer: Goodbye (03)

Goodbye by Friday's Guest Writer (03) 20 months you were in MY husband’s thoughts and heart. I’ve ran through so many emotions and feelings towards you.  Today I’m left with pity. And nausea. And fury.

Friday’s Guest Writer: Sucker Punched (02)

Sucker Punched by Friday's Guest Writer (02) My name is Jen, and I am a betrayed spouse. If you are reading this, I am sorry that this has happened to you. However, maybe you will find something useful as you navigate this journey.

Friday’s Guest Writer: Monsters (01)

The monsters that come out at night seem bigger and meaner than those in the daylight. They have longer, sharper claws, and hold on with fierce tenacity. They seem so real. They are immune to rational thought. And they will return.

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