Thoughts on Conflict Transformation: Intentions, Not Excuses (Part 2)

Intentions don't matter when u r bleeding out emotionally. There is no room for nuance when performing emotional triage on your identity and life.

Thoughts on Ghosting by Esther Perel

When I saw Esther Perel's continuum summarizing a Relationship Accountability Spectrum, I was like, "Holy FUCK! Ghosting?! That is exactly what has happened over the last year! That is what she did! That is how I feel and behave! I'm not crazy or irrational!"

153.01: The Pattern (Part 1)

Tonight, with Dr. Deb' wisdom, Fire and Star's love, Dr. Madden's writings, a bit of Elle insight, and a whole lot of © and Patsy III's theatrics tonight, I think I successfully buried the remains of our relationship at sea...actually a lake.

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