45: A Love Letter to ©

I made mistakes. I’m learning. I’m growing. I’ll keep doing better but as I heal, examine myself in the mirror, and let people back into my life I hope this is what I can find within and bring back to the table as a more emotionally complete man.

Perhaps this is the letter I should have written to myself.

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The Things I Carry – The Preamble to Failure

One of the accusations leveled at men and women post discovery of #infidelity is the intentions to change, remorse, shame is all manufactured after the fact. That wasn’t my experience. I rediscovered a post about shame I wrote to © a month before discovery.

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Thoughts on Anita Pavlovic’s Exist in the Moment

The body reacts to sexual arousal and the flu in similar ways. As such, if I don’t stop long enough to greet my emotional and physical sensations with curiosity, I will get fucked twice.

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05: A Love Letter to the Betrayers – Labels and Abuse

It is impossible for people that never walked in our shoes to know what is true about our behaviors, why we did what we did, or what it means. I barely understand and others certainly never will.

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