05: Karma

I wish I hadn’t responded out of bitterness. I wish I had the maturity, at that moment, to sit and let the hurt happen without hurting someone else. I wish I had been able to see K as a person first, and not simply as a co-conspirator in my betrayal of C.

Weekly Best Of

Best of 2018’s Week 43

From where I stand the primary issues in our relationship wasn’t codependency, enabling, echosim or some clickbait pathology. Those attitudes and approach to communication may have retarded the growth of our relationship and vulnerability but they were never the drivers for me. I still strongly hold to the view that the primary conflicts in our relationship were an issue of communication, not compatibility, motivations, or intentions. Lack of vulnerable communication created a decision-making patchwork defined by guesswork.

04: Hurt People

For a long time I’ve seen this as symbolic of where © and I are, but this morning, as I searched for an image to reflect where I am today, I realized this image I took is also symbolic of my relationship to Pain. 

03: Healing

Every time I say I cannot heal © out loud, a man or woman that was betrayed – or some opinionated outsider – cry foul: “You broke it,” they cry, “You fix it!”

To that I say: grow up.

What is so important that we have time to read all the books on love and relationships but we do not the have time to listen to the heart of our lover?

Molly Vass via Mark Nepo
The Book of Awakening
October 26

Because I know the people that care have reached out to me, publically and privately, I thought it was important to let you know I found my center, have been getting enough rest, and through pain been forced back to my True North.

Again, I’m actually in a better place now than I was before Monday’s physical and emotional collapse. I’m in a better place because I’m leaning into the pain.

I know who I am.

via Thoughts on Those Who’ve Fallen Through by Mark Nepo via Pathwriter